Two Major New Songs


‘If I Could’ – the latest song from TightRope Studios, and one which I’m very proud to put my name to, has finally been released – and even includes it’s own additional video on Youtube!

The song, which is being considered as a mixture of Bowie, U2 and Pink Floyd; takes in a number of musical genres; with underlying tones of good old 80’s synth production.

I used a different set of synths/keyboards from my usual ‘go-to’ instruments, and immediately loved the sound and feel I was beginning to create. This mixed with a brand new delay unit (from Izotope) on drums, completely opened up a groove and pulse that just had to be produced into a fully-fledged track.

Again, like a few of my songs to date; ‘If I Could’ features a spiritual element; and this is really brought home in the video. In no way is it setting out to be a religious song, but rather one that just makes us think.

I didn’t want to set about just making another lyric video; and I’m too shy (smiles) to personally feature in any of my music videos ‘at the moment’; so the next step was to try something a little different – if it worked…’great’…if not…. then we could always say ‘we tried’.

The first challenge was to somehow separate the video from the actual song. I obviously wanted both to connect in some way, but at the same time be individual of each other.

I think a better way of explaining this is that I wanted the video script and images to fill in the gaps between the lyrics (or even enhance them) – almost like a theme within a theme about a theme.

No easy feat, which is probably why the video (also produced by TightRope Studios) took almost 3 times longer to create than the song took to write and produce!

All that being said, I’m delighted both If I Could and the accompanying video have been well received, with some great feedback coming in from valued friends in the business.

It would appear we succeeded in what we intended to do.

‘If I Could’ is available as a digital download – I hope you enjoy.


‘Faith in Me’ is a song which was written and recorded almost 5 years ago, in what I classed as my ‘early learning studio’. I even managed to play it for Charlie Landsborough in the foyer of a hotel one evening while he was touring!

The recording was somewhat experimental back then, and the track eventually found its way into a drawer never to be seen or heard again.

It was however, a track I often thought about; and recently decided to bring it back into the studio for an overhaul and a complete musical re-write.

Faith in Me takes on an acoustic feel with a strong emphasis on guitars and strings throughout.

Put simply, it’s a song about somebody having belief in you – or you in them, when there’s little or nothing to offer in return. Someone putting their faith in you and giving you the self-belief to achieve whatever you wish – whatever circumstances or situation they may be in.

Faith in Me is available from the usual digital download music sites, with plans to produce a lyric video in the near future.

Once again, as always – thank you all for your valued support.

        Watch ‘If I Could’ full video by clicking ‘Here’

‘If I Could’ available on –      iTunes     AmazonMp3     Google Play

‘Faith in Me’ available on –  iTunes     AmazonMp3     Google Play


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