‘It all begins with a thought…. usually when you’re least expecting it.’

I still remember writing my very first song in or around 1984. I wasn’t even considering being a musician or songwriter back then, never mind thinking about maybe making a living from it.

Having a love  for English & Art at school,  I would usually be found either doodling on an art pad or making up and writing stories of ghosts and goblins in far  away places.

I vaguely remember at that time writing some lines that just so happened to rhyme, – no music, no real structure and certainly no melody! I’d  never done it before – never had to; but that feeling remains, and makes a welcome return every time I write another one – hopefully better than  my very first effort so long ago.

Believe them when any songwriter tells you that ‘their’ song is also ‘their baby’ – they’re being deadly serious.

I went through a phase for many years of not wanting anyone else to hear the things I’d written. This wasn’t through any fear of rejection or criticism, but rather, I was almost afraid that the feelings that I had used and experienced in ‘writing’ the song – especially the lyrics, would somehow now be on display for all to see. Strange I know, but in many ways I believe that song-writing actually made me a slightly better person – some may disagree or find it strange; but when you share your inner-most thoughts through a song you have written – or any type of ‘venting’ process, with  loved ones or people you may hardly even know at all on such a personal musical level, part of your inner self is transferred to them also. Whatever replaces that new-found space deep inside a songwriter is pure magic. I suppose in a lot of ways we see and listen to the world differently – where an artist or photographer will see colours and shapes differently to most – I see ‘feelings’.