Latest track – Bounceback.


Sometimes I write a song that just gives out that ‘feel good’ factor. A song that’s not too heavy or dark, but rather one that just reminds me of happy times gone by. to the point where I really want to share it with everyone who might relate to it.

The 80’s were an important decade for me. Not only was it the time when I found a deep interest in playing & making music (I did my first gig in 1987); but I also loved just about everything it had to offer – in my opinion there will never be another decade quite like it. Ask anyone of a certain age and I’m sure they’ll agree – the 80’s were something else!

My latest song ‘Bounceback’ was actually written around 2012 after seeing a damaged space-hopper lying in someone’s garden – something you don’t see every day!

It put an idea in my mind which became the opening line of the song – “There’s a wounded old space hopper”…


The thought of a ‘wounded’ space hopper made me smile (cruel I know); but it also provided me with the initial idea to use as a building-block to write something which gave a light-hearted look back at life in the 80s – through the eyes of our ‘undercover hero’ character who appears to be still living in those days.

The rest of the track is a look-back at some of the things we might remember from the era – especially, if like me, you grew up during the time and remember it well.

There’s quite a bit of nostalgia within the lyrics of Bounceback, from computers to music to style – right down to the front cover artwork which combines a Rubik’s cube style effect patching up our wounded bouncer (see.. I’m not that cruel).

The title ‘Bounceback’ wasn’t decided until long after the song & music were completed; in fact it was probably one of the reasons the song took so long to get recorded and produced.

I couldn’t think of anything suitable within the lyrics to name it at the time of writing, and finally thought up the name as it pretty much captures the whole feeling of the song – a bounceback to the 80’s. Even though the title doesn’t feature anywhere in the lyrics, I just thought it suited.


Bounceback is currently available from the following reputable & trusted download sites, – clicking on each will take you straight to the site.



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