Unity by Barry Fleming.


The Making of Unity.

I’ve spoken many times regarding some songs taking longer than others to get to the ‘release’ stage. It may take a few days, weeks, months to get to where they are ready to hand over to the listener – that’s if they ever make it that far in the first place. Some songs seem to fall into place straight away, where others have me coming back to the drawing board to tweak and change either lyrical or musical content until I’m happy.

Unity was one of those songs which seemed to write itself in many ways. Once the groove was created, it was just a matter of filling the sound to build up what is now one of my favourite pieces of work I’ve created – especially as a producer (something which is quite new to me).

Boo boo 1

                        In the studio.

All-in-all, Unity took just under 2 weeks from initial concept to finished release – including the accompanying artwork.

Writing an instrumental track may seem to many as being easier than writing a song with lyrics, but working on such a project brings it’s own challenges.
Firstly, there’s no ‘story’ (lyrics) to say what the song is about – everything has to be conveyed through the tone and feel the music creates. The ‘tune’ then needs to allow the listener to ‘create’ their own images & thoughts of where the music takes them.
Secondly, and perhaps one of the most technical/creative aspects of production is working within the stereo field and sound placement.

During the final stages of production I will always have a pair of studio headphones handy to hear where the sound is sitting in the mix – certain sounds are either panned to the left, right, centre, or sweeping through the mix from left to right or vice-versa. This separation for me is where the sound comes to life and really begins to add depth to the finished track – as well as making it a little more interesting for the listener.

spec korg

Unity is a heavy-based synth/guitar track, created with Spectrasonic’s flagship Omnisphere Powersynth (computer based); with the main lead parts created with the Korg pa800 keyboard.
Several new pieces of software from Waves & Izotope were also used in the final mixing stages to make Unity what it has, and what I hope, will become.

Unity is currently available from all major digital download sites; and I can always be contacted via the usual links.

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I thank you, as always, for the support you have all given me – it really is appreciated.

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