Latest Project Nears Completion.


When I decided to re-launch two of my older songs, along with a new 3rd addition (Far Away From Me); I had no idea of the work that would be involved.

Household Honey & Guiding Light have already been good to me – at least on home soil… why would I want to change them?

When I wrote and recorded the two songs quite a few years ago, I had a multi-track recording machine, a keyboard, microphone, and a cd recorder. No computers, no additional production software; and if I’m honest, absolutely no idea what I was venturing into. Today, that has changed quite a bit.


I starting building up a home recording studio with a custom built computer, digital recording software, and a plethora of production tools and digital instruments to match the type of music I love to create – from acoustic, to a more atmospherical synth-based sound.


Working on songs which were recorded years ago have a way of exhuming all the feelings and emotions which were generated the first time the songs were penned and recorded.

The same way a song can take you back to a certain event and time in your life; imagine what it would be like to actually step inside that song and begin rebuilding it from the inside out – emotions and all. With Guiding Light, I once again felt the power a song’s emotion can generate… from concept, to creation, to completion.

What I wanted to do was take two of my well known and loved songs; write a third, and bundle them together using the new recording equipment and techniques I had learned over the past couple of years since building up my TightRope Studio.

With the exception of Household Honey, Guiding Light and Far Away From Me were both recorded from scratch. Household Honey was remastered using some of the best available software while keeping the initial feel of the song – and it still has that clarinet hook!

May I take this opportunity to thank all those who have become new supporters and Twitter followers to what I do. It really is much appreciated.

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