Introducing VYB.

During my 30 years of making music – from stage to studio; I’ve worked with many bands and vocalists covering a vast range of musical genres.

With my musical interests moving more towards the ‘production/recording’ side of things, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve discovered a singer who not only is great to work with, but can capture the very essence of what my songwriting & music is all about.

I was introduced to Bernadette McNeill several months ago after some family and friends heard her singing acapella at an event and suggested we meet up.

We got in touch, Bernie sent me a test vocal, I wrapped some synth and drum tracks around it, and before it was finished I knew I wanted to record her in my own studio with some material I’d been working on.

I was very interested as to how my overall sound would translate with a female vocalist taking the lead – I was pleasantly surprised.

Bernie has an ethereal quality to her voice which I have rarely heard in any recording capacity, and it was only when I began working with her in the studio that I realised I had ‘never’ worked with such a singer.

Our first recording project was a song I’d recently finished called ‘Across The Line’. Tensions were high as neither of us knew what to expect, or what the outcome may be – we’d already invested quite a bit of time in preparing for the recording session, and the last thing we wanted was to discover that everything was going to be incompatible. Luckily, that wasn’t the case – in fact… far from it.

I was so pleased with the results, I asked if Bernie would be interested in being a part of further projects – to the point of creating a songwriting/recording partnership, to which she agreed… and so ‘VYB’ (vibe) was born!

Today, the 2nd track we recorded ‘To Find Me’ is nearing completion and we are putting plans in place to record a 3rd for an EP release some time in late June/July to coincide with a radio show we are taking part in over in Letterkenny.

I have a feeling there could be some busy times ahead.

My thanks as always for your support – and a special ‘thank you’ from…

Extra!! Here’s a look at what ‘VYB’ are about. – I hope you like our music. Enjoy!

Please note: VYB is a completely new recording project – we’ll let you know when the music is available to download.