Guiding Light, re-released with lyric video.


I’m fortunate to be doing something in life that I truly enjoy. ‘Enjoy’ is perhaps the wrong term to use when  so many feelings and emotions are brought about by songwriting and music production. It just takes you to another place… another level.

I wrote Guiding Light back around 2009/10 as part of my Rainbow Run album – anyone who knows about my music will have a good idea what the song means to me; but it’s actually a song that meant a great deal to a lot of people.

When Guiding Light was first released and played on local radio, it quickly became a favourite among listeners; often being requested on a daily basis. I think the fact that people still request a song 5 or 6 years after it’s first release is quite a statement as to the power of a song and what it can do to people. Not only is it very humbling to hear the many stories and read countless emails from people sharing what ‘my’ music has done for them; it also gives a huge amount of inner peace and satisfaction that I’ve maybe created something which made a difference… to somebody.

Despite being one of the most popular songs I have written (to date), Guiding Light was only available as part of the Rainbow Run album, or as an Mp3 download via the usual avenues. It never appeared on Youtube or as a stand alone single… re-mastered and re-worked, – until now!

I have brought Guiding Light back into the studio for a complete overhaul.

With new recording software (in fact an entirely new studio), I’ve hopefully enhanced the music and vocals without losing any of the emotion the song created. I hope you like what I’ve done, and enjoy the video.

My sincere love and thanks to you all – for your stories, emails and personal reflections on what the original Guiding Light meant to you. I hope you like the new look and sound.



The Guiding Light single is available to download from the following sites, with more being added shortly.


Google Play


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