‘Faith in Me’ & ‘Far Away From Me’ released.

dual cd art

It was around 2010 when I decided to write a few songs which were more emotionally charged than my previous work. I wanted to give more attention to the lyrical content of my songs; exploring a deeper, perhaps more personal side of my songwriting.

It hadn’t been that long since the release of Guiding Light, and the response had been absolutely overwhelming – perhaps I’d just been wondering if I could do it again.

It was as a result of this that I put pen to paper, which resulted in ‘Faith in Me’ & ‘Far Away From Me’ being written..

While Faith in Me was recorded down as a rough demo; it was only very recently that Far Away From Me was recorded and produced.

I’d recently been looking for some inspiration – found the lyrics of Far Away From Me by complete accident, and thought “I remember this – I think I’ll record it.”

Both tracks take on a very different feel from my usual synth productions; they allow more room for guitars and strings mixed with heartfelt lyrics. After the very promising reception Faith in Me received – so-much-so, that a lyric video was also produced; it felt right to do a follow-up in a similar style, and so Far Away from Me soon followed.

It was also around this time (5 or 6 years ago), that I had the chance to let a wonderful singer/songwriter hear Faith in Me – Charlie Landsborough.


Charlie Landsborough takes the demo of                      Faith in Me.

After attending one of his concerts at a hotel (I’d actually been asked to do support for him); we ended up in the foyer at 3am in the morning. Guitars were brought out of nowhere, and before we knew it we were singing around the table.

I had the demo of Faith in Me in the car, and so after giving Charlie a live rendition of the song, I gave him a copy of the demo.

Quite a night.


Both Faith in Me & Far Away From Me are set to be part of a 5 or 6 track EP I have planned for the near future – parallel to this, I’m also currently writing a full album which will feature more of my synth-based production.

Looks like I’m having yet another busy few months ahead – doing what I do.

Faith in Me is available from the following outlets.

iTunes        Amazon        Google Play

Far Away From Me is also now available from these following outlets.

iTunes        Amazon        Google Play

The lyric video for Faith in Me is available ‘HERE’.


As always – thank you for your support.


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