Fade jpeg.

Recorded at his TightRope Studio, ‘Fade’ could be considered as the battle between light/dark, company/loneliness; all wrapped up in the ‘never be afraid to dream’ ethos, for one surely cannot exist without the other.

“I’ve my own feelings regarding Fade. The biggest challenge for me was getting the entire project to feel right. Anyone who knows my music will know my attention is usually focused on the lyrical content and meaning. With fade, I raised the bar a little – putting equal attention into the music to accommodate wherever the lyrics take the listener.

It’s a little more sub-melodic than my previous work – perhaps more commercial in many aspects with regards overall production. There’s quite a few things  going on in the background; and in that respect it’s a track I’m very proud of.

With this in mind, I would very much like to thank my good friend and fellow songwriter Brett Lloyd for his pre-release advice  – check him out at crazypeoplemusic.com; a great fellow musician, and valued friend. Thanks again Brett!”


Fade is now available from the following links.






                                                                                     My thanks as always for your support.

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