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Latest track – Bounceback.


Sometimes I write a song that just gives out that ‘feel good’ factor. A song that’s not too heavy or dark, but rather one that just reminds me of happy times gone by. to the point where I really want to share it with everyone who might relate to it.

The 80’s were an important decade for me. Not only was it the time when I found a deep interest in playing & making music (I did my first gig in 1987); but I also loved just about everything it had to offer – in my opinion there will never be another decade quite like it. Ask anyone of a certain age and I’m sure they’ll agree – the 80’s were something else!

My latest song ‘Bounceback’ was actually written around 2012 after seeing a damaged space-hopper lying in someone’s garden – something you don’t see every day!

It put an idea in my mi...

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