Back Again!!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve added anything to my webpage, and I apologise for this. However, my Tightrope Studio is still very much up and running; and hopefully after getting my head around countless new updates, there’ll be much more to come!

So… what’s been happening?

There have been several major updates within the studio, perhaps the main addition being the Presonus Studiolive 24 Series III Mixer. This is now my main control hub in everything I record & produce.

With new software updates, along with countless new effects and instruments added to my main computer recording software, production capabilities have never been better.

There are new songs and videos – all of which have been written, recorded and produced by myself here in the studio, one of which is an instrumental violin piece.


Three of the latest tracks to come out of the studio – Better, Pour les Rêveurs & Mind – all of which have their own videos, and are available to download from all good music sites.

Better underwent a complete overhaul, with new artwork and a completely new arrangement being produced also. There’ll be much more information on this track, along with the others in a future post.

All three tracks will hopefully offer something very different in regards style and overall genre, with Pour les Rêveurs (For the Dreamers) being only the second instrumental track I’ve ever produced – the first being Unity.


The video for Better is available HERE

The video for Pour les Rêveurs is available HERE

The video for Mind is available HERE

I’ll be bringing more content shortly, with a deeper look into the three tracks listed here, as well as some other changes which have taken place in the studio.

As always – thank you for your support. 


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